Additional details about these reporting requirements are available at 15 C.F.R. § 740.17(e) and on BIS’s website. On March 8, 2021, the US Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) published amendments to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) imposing new export control restrictions on Myanmar (Burma) and adding four entities to the Entity List, in response to a military coup in early February 2021. Certain products qualify for License Exception ENC under the EAR (15 C.F.R. § 740.17), which may be used in accordance with the EAR and other applicable export control laws. WatchGuard products are currently prohibited for export or re-export directly or indirectly to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and the Crimea region of Ukraine without prior authorization under applicable law.

Bis 740.17

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Sub¶. Item Description or. Purpose of Export. ECCN. End User  24 Aug 2017 BIS Implements Wassenaar's Note 4 Amendment: Accentuate the Positive Second, source code does not fall under EAR section 740.17(b)(1)  authorized under License Exception ENC, as required by section 740.17(e)(2) of the EAR. BIS use of the information collected: As discussed below, most of the  7 Oct 2016 Companies that obtain formal commodity classification determinations from the BIS for items that are eligible for License Exception 740.17(b)(1)  Consult the BIS website at https://www.bis.doc.gov/ and the Export.gov ENC 740.17 (b)(1) Encryption item – Some Netgate products are classified in this  29 Jun 2010 Likewise, more strictly controlled encryption items described in EAR § 740.17(b)( 2) continue to require classification by BIS with, in most cases,  16. Dez. 2015 ENC nach bestimmten Paragraphen – u.

§ 740.19 - Consumer Communications Devices (CCD).

The registration process is described in section 740.17(d), section 742.15(c), and in paragraph (r)(1) of Supplement 2 to part 748. Upon submission to BIS of an encryption registration, BIS will issue an Encryption Registration Number (ERN). This registration number is confirmation that BIS has received your encryption registration.

Bis 740.17

740.17(b)(2) Items described in 740.17(b)(2) require a classification request to be eligible for license exception ENC, as well as semi-annual sales reporting.

Meade, MD) of encryption commodities, software and components exported or reexported pursuant to § 740.17(b)(1) of the EAR. Se hela listan på dentons.com •740.17(b)(4) –foreign developed with US encryption parts Number (ERN) from BIS •ERN authorizes exporting under ENC •May self-classify 740.17(b)(2), the ear may require submission of a semi-annual report in accordance to 740.17(e).
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This action is based on the Organization of American States (OAS) Model Regulations for the Control of the International Movement of Firearms, their Parts and Components and Munitions (OAS Model Regulations) which were developed to assist OAS member countries to 740.17(c) (reexports and BIS believes that this revision will decrease encryption licensing arrangements (ELAs) and other license applications to export or reexport encryption technology by 740.17(b)(2), the ear may require submission of a semi-annual report in accordance to 740.17(e). this chip authorization does not authorize the export of products designed to use the encryption functionality of these chips. such products may require a classification and/or license from the bureau of industry and security (bis) prior to export.

Se hela listan på hoganlovells.com Se hela listan på dentons.com Refer to § 740.17 of the EAR for the provisions of License Exception ENC, including encryption self-classifications, classification requests and sales reporting.
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Certain short-range wireless encryption com-. Oct 11, 2016 742.15 mass market provisions were moved to section 740.17. Requirement to notify BIS of Internet location of publicly available 5D002  Oct 24, 2013 the use of license exception ENC can be found under the EAR §740.17.